Expedition at Xyliatos-Kapoura route, Pitsilia area, Nicosia Part 4


As we continued our expedition inside the Kapoura route we came across another view point. This time though we had in front of us the beautiful Morfou bay! We parked our cars and admired the view for a few moments and a little later we continued our journey which was at its final stage.


Little did we know that a few minutes later the fog would cover the whole scenery! As we were approaching the village of Saint Irene towards Kannavia the fog surrounded us and we had to drive carefully. Fortunately our Seat Ibiza was properly equipped for the occasion!

We drove through Saint Irene to Kannavia village and then to Kyperounta near the crossroad leading to Troodos mountains. It was an unforgettable expedition indeed which we highly recommend!