Expedition at Potamitissa village, Pitsilia area, Limassol (Part 1)



Potamitissa is a beautiful small village in the area of Pitsilia very near to Agros village, and this summer we decided to stay there for a few days! We had actually no idea what the village had to offer so we decided to ask for local help us we usually do.

Our host at Ambelikos Agrohotel  Xenophontas was very pleased to show as around when we asked him what was there to explore. So the next morning we started our private tour at Potamitissa.



As we left Ambelikos we took a small path which led us to one of the oldest Olive trees we have seen so far. After the Olive tree, on the opposite side of the mountain we saw a very old Watermill. The Watermill once an important part of the village’s economy  is now deserted. Found in thick plantation it is in a bad condition.



Our next stop was even more exciting. We found out that Potamitissa has a small gorge! This gorge is not very well known so we were very excited that we would visit it.



With a small river running through the gorge and thick plantation we had to be very careful all the way. As we walked deeper into the gorge the trees, flowers and river mad the scenery simply beautiful!


After a few minutes we reached a point we couldn’t go any further and had to return back the same way. We were lucky to be there with someone to guide us and we recommnend the gorge for all nature lovers!